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See the latest RC subs with proportionally controlled ballast tank.

Online store has already been closed!!   No item in this site is for order or sale.

PBC-1 Proportional Ballast Tank Controller

This is an electronic device for proportionally controlling the volume of water inside a ballast tank. It has the following features:
-Proportionally controls ballast tank volume.
-Microcontroller based.
-2 modes:1.Proportional control mode 2. Direct stick mode (e.g. Stick left->blow, stick right->flood)
-Transmitter trim lever as proportional control switch.
No sliding switch required.
-Fail safe: automatically blow ballast tank if signal were lost.
-Smart noise filtering.
-Smart power management.
-Small size, light weight.
-30mm, 45mm, 60mm trim range available
(click here or the picture for more info)

ESC-SM1 Reversible Electronic Speed Controller For Small DC Brushed Motor (Size 280 or smaller).

Small brushed DC motors such as RE280,RE260 are very popular for hobby or toy applications. They are affordable and widely available. They have low operating voltages(1.5V-6.0V).
ESC-SM1 is a microcontroller-based electronic speed controller specially designed for these small motors. The smart program of the microcontroller provides many nice features such as soft speed change, noise filtering,... (click here or the picture for more info)

ESC-GP1 General Purpose Reversible Electronic Speed Controller

PWM type speed controllers have many applecations. For example, they can control the intensities of LED, small light bulbs, speed of pocket fan, electric tooth brush...ESC-GP1 is basically the same electronic speed controller as ESC-SM1. Except, it is designed to work alone(no receiver is required). Speed is adjusted via the knob of the potentiometer. (click here or the picture for more info)

Prefabricated Proportionally Controlled Ballast System

"Winch action". No threaded rod!! No rack and pinion!!
This is a winch-action piston type ballast system(WAPBS). PBC-1 proportional ballast controller is pre-installed to control the volume of the ballast tank. We have already used this type of ballast tank in the following RC submarines:

(click here or the picture for more info)

Static Diving Waterproof-Control-Propulsion-Unit(SD-WPCPU)

This is an integrated solution for RC converting miniature marine models into static diving submarines. The SD-WPCPU package includes a proportionally controlled winch-action piston ballast system(WAPBS), servos, propulsion(both single and twin drive are included), optical fiber, electronics, waterproof housings, and Technical CD ROM 2nd Edition. (click here or the picture for more info)

Dynamic Diving Waterproof-Control-Propulsion-Unit(DD-WPCPU)

Note: The original WPCPU (introduced around March 2006, shown in the above picture) was renamed DD-WPCPU to distinguish it from SD-WPCPU.

DD-WPCPU is currently under upgrade. New DD-WPCPU will be equipped with ESC-SM1 speed controller.

This is a compact device for remote-controlling miniature marine models such as submarines or ships. It is designed to fit into as many miniature marine models as possible. Interchangeable propulsion unit allows this device to drive models with single propeller such as Revell 1/230 Skipjack, twin propellers such as Revell 1/178 Lionfish, or even multiple propellers. We have already converted the following plastic model kits into functional remote controll models:

Here are some more potential candidates for RC conversion using WPCPU:

Miniature Model Ship Remote Control Conversion Kit(MMSRCCK)

Coming soon!! This conversion kit includes most of components used in gallery-page's ship conversion examples. The components are: Puremtc ESC-SM1 speed controller, GWS Pico servo, CNC cut rudder, 2 N20 motors ...(click here or the picture for more detail) The following plastic ship kits have been converted into working RC models:

Ongoing conversion project: