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1/144 MiniHobbyModel Wilhelm Bauer RC conversion

Click here to watch the MHM Wilhelm Bauer video.

Wilhelm Bauer is a type XXI late/Post WWII German submarine. MiniHobbyModel actually have two kits: the XXI and Wilhelm Bauer. They are very similar. Wilhelm Bauer is the one being converted here. Like Lionfish, Oriol, this sub has two propellers. Originally, the manufacturer(MiniHobbyModel) included some components for motorizing it as a single prop sub with automatic depth control. Here, we did it differently. The twin-drive WPCPU was employed to make it a dual prop RC sub just like the real one.

Here are some steps for RC conversion:(The technical CD ROM have lots more info and detail. Submarine FAQ page also have some explanations about the conversion examples here.)

1. Fabricating and installing functional rudders, stabilizer, propeller shaft...

A plastic tube was glued inside the stabilizer to support the 1/32" brass prop shaft

Fit top and bottom stabilizer halves together.

1/32" brass Prop shaft exit stabilizer

Rudder linkages just like other RC subs. The capsule on the top is the float already included in the kit.

2. Fitting the DD-WPCPU into the sub. Like Lionfish, Oriol, twin-motor unit is used to drive the counter-rotating props.

WPCPU is inside the sub.

3. Ballasting and testing the sub.

Wilhelm Bauer in the pool.

Click here to watch the MHM Wilhelm Bauer video.