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1/178 Revell/Monogram Lionfish RC conversion

Click here to watch the Revell Lionfish video.

Lionfish is a famous WWII U.S fleet type submarine. The 1/178 Revell/Monogram Lionfish kit has been around for quite some time. It is fun to RC this model and watch it in action. Note that the diving action is controlled by its bow-planes

RC converting this plastic model involves the steps described below. (see also Revell Skipjack. The technical CD ROM have lots more info and detail. Submarine FAQ page also have some explanations about the conversion examples here.)

1. Fabricating and installing functional rudders, stabilizer, propeller shaft...

The Lionfish kit did not come with correct(counter-rotating) props. For small models, a pair of counter rotating props is absolutely necessary for the sub to run well. Use Puremtc's Prop rudder kit to make the props for Lionfish.

In the picture, the 1/32" shaft is supported by a plastic tube.

Viewed from bottom

Bowplane and linkage.

2. Fitting the DD-WPCPU into the sub. Twin-drive unit is used here for the counter rotating props.

Fit two hull halves together. Note that the hull halves were not glued together. This kit has fairly good hull fit(very little warping). Two hull halves were held together by rubber bands and strings inside the sub. Two hull halves can be separated again by releasing the rubber bands.

3. Ballasting and testing the sub.

Lionfish in the water.

Click here to watch the Revell Lionfish video.