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See the latest RC subs with proportionally controlled ballast tank.

1/535 Revell Missouri RC conversion

Click here to watch the Revell Missouri video.

Converting a miniature static display plastic ship into a working RC model typically involves the following steps:(The technical CD ROM have lots more info and detail. Ship FAQ page also have some explanations about the conversion examples here.)

1. Installing functional rudders, propeller shaft...

To make the model fancy, pushrod for the gun turret was also installed.

2. Installing RC Ship(MMSRCCK) components such as servos, electronic speed controller,...

3. Ballasting and testing the ship.
Add some weight to the model if the waterline is too high. For the Missouri, the waterline is a bit high at the stern section. Coins were used as ballast weight to lower the waterline.

Missouri sits in water.

Click here to watch the Revell Missouri video.

WPCPU Option

Yes, Waterproof-Control-Propulsion-Unit(WPCPU) can also be used in model ships. The photo below shows a WPCPU inside the Missouri: