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See the latest RC subs with proportionally controlled ballast tank.

1/48 Testors Phantom F4 Fighter RC conversion

Click here to watch Testors Phantom F4 video.

Some clever modelers have converted different types of static display models such as scuba divers, cars(Bond movie), space shuttle,.. into functional remote control submarines. Here, we decided to do a F4 Phantom fighter using the WPCPU. In the future, we will add more different types(non-submarine model such as cars, trains, jets,...)of RC submarine conversion to this page. There are so many interesting things can be done in this hobby. The only limitation to the hobby of RC submarining is your imagination!

Here are some steps for RC conversion:(The technical CD ROM have lots more info and detail. Submarine FAQ page also have some explanations about the conversion examples here.)

1. Fabricating and installing functional rudders, stabilizer, propeller shaft...

Aileron linkages.

Rudder, aileron push rods

2. Fitting the DD-WPCPU into the Phantom fighter(from the bottom of the fuselage). Like the Skipjack, single-motor unit is used to drive the fighter.

3. To make the ballasting task easier, a rail is implemented for attaching ballast foam or weight, so the fuselage need not be opened during the task. Also the trick to better control is the extended aileron(clear plastic).

The Phantom is now in pool. Note the background is pool water, not "blue sky".

Click here to watch Testors Phantom F4 video.


This model is steered using aileron(no rudder). The control is a bit different from generic(rudder controlled) model submarines. It will take some practice to get used to the control of this type of model.

Flying in swimming pool has several advantages over flying in the sky:

  • Less eye straining. Looking into water is more comfortable than looking into bright sun or sky.
  • The model is less likely to be seriously damaged. You can turn, loop, flip, and do whatever you want with the model in the pool. Even if the model hits or sinks to the bottom of the pool, the model will not break into many pieces like an airplane crashing from air to ground.
  • It is safe. You don't have to worry about crashing your model into anybody or windows.
  • Long operation time. For the Testors Phantom F4, 4 AAA Alkaline batteries is enough to run 1+ hour.
  • Lots of subjects to choose from. Modelers can convert lots of varieties of models into RC submarines.