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See the latest RC subs with proportionally controlled ballast tank.

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1/144 Trumpeter Russian Kilo Class Submarine RC conversion

Click here to watch Trumpeter Kilo video.

Kilo class(NATO code name) is a conventional diesel-electric attack submarine. It is one of the quietest submarine in the world. Trumpeter's 1/144 Kilo model has relatively large internal space. In addition to basic sub components such as linkage, drive shaft, a proportionally controlled ballast tank, periscope action and port/starboard light via optical fiber are also installed inside the RC converted kilo model.

Here are some of Trumpeter Kilo's RC conversion steps:( Technical CD ROM has more detail)

1. LED via Optical fiber for port/starboard light. ON/OFF by PUREMTC ESW-1 RC switch

2. Simple device for raising or lowering periscope

3. Proportionally controlled ballast tank(WAPBS) for the Kilo. Controlled by Puremtc PBC-1 Proportional Ballast tank Controller

4. Kilo's SD-WPCPU. (Servos and propulsion motor are in rectangular compartment). The photo shows the advantage of WPCPU's modular architecture-freedom of servo module location. Trumpeter Kilo and Trumpeter gato use the same WPCPU. The servo compartment for Kilo is in the rear section for controlling stern plane vs. in the bow section for the gato.

Kilo in pool

Click here to watch Trumpeter Kilo video.