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See the latest RC subs with proportionally controlled ballast tank.

1/350 Zvezda Oriol RC conversion

Click here to watch the Zvezda Oriol video.

Oriol is a Russian Oscar II class nuclear submarine. The model kit was also manufactured in Russia by a Russian company named Zvezda. The company has two similar kits: One is Oriol. The other one is "Kursk"

Like Skipjack, Lionfish, RC converting a static display plastic model typically involves the following steps:(The technical CD ROM) have lots more info and detail. Submarine FAQ page also have some explanations about the conversion examples here.)

1. Fabricating and installing functional rudders, stabilizer, propeller shaft... The same 4-blade props as the Lionfish were used in the Oriol.

2. Fitting the DD-WPCPU into the sub. The twin motor drive unit sits on top of the servo push-rod exit.

This sub's missile bay hatches can be opened or closed. Hatches are attached to the main hull with electrical tape sealed with CA. WPCPU is positioned between the two missile bays.

3. Ballasting and testing the sub. Oriol in the pool

Click here to watch the Zvezda Oriol video.


The Oriol has fins in the lower stern section of the hull(see picture above and below). Modelers may be curious about the purpose of these fins. To see how they affect the perfomance of the sub, run the model before and after you attach the fins. Then, compare the difference in perfomance.

Based on Puremtc's observation, the fins make this sub more stable. With the fins, the tail(props) section is less likely to pop out of water. The steering and diving control are also much more responsive and effective. Other modelers may want to confirm Puremtc's finding.

Note not only these model subs beautiful, together with Puremtc's WPCPU, they also provide useful information about sub design.